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at the Virtual ICJ Events, module Virtual ICJ mice Advantage 2020.With Virtual ICJ mice Advantage we offer all registered exhibitors and hosted buyers of ICJ mice Advantage 2020 a communication platform for information exchange and networking as a small additional "substitute" for the governmental cancellation of the "live" event in March 2020.We are convinced that especially in these times networking and looking positively into the future together are essential factors of our industry.Unfortunately, due to the situation, an exchange of information can currently take place almost exclusively via digital media.Following the spirit of the times, we have already started the idea of the ICJ Virtual POWER Days in autumn 2019 (before Corona) as a continuation of the last ICJ Power Days live days in Berlin in 2019.The virtual platform (Virtual ICJ mice Advantage 2020) that has now been created in advance is intended as a medium for communication between all registered participants (exhibitors and hosted buyers) of ICJ mice Advantage 2020.As many contacts have already been made and appointments requested and arranged via the ICJ App, we offer all participants the opportunity to make use of these contacts - but virtually! (via e-mail, the social media tools or via live chat). Our recommendation is that this should be primarily about establishing contacts, personal exchange, building up business friendships and not necessarily about "hard selling".In autumn 2020, the ICJ Virtual POWER Days will be activated as part of the Virtual ICJ Events and will create virtual "world trips" as well as real adventure trips in a new way. Details will of course follow...let us surprise you positively.Your innovative ICJ Team

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Exhibitors are top-class MICE-oriented service providers with a national and international focus, such as hotels, convention centres, tourist boards, destination management companies, technology and business enterprises and many more.


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The Hosted Buyers comprise the crème de la crème of the mice agencies and corporates in the DACH region with the function of managing directors and project managers.